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Titan Heating & Air Conditioning provides residential and commercial  sales, service, and repair of HVAC systems in Medford and surrounding Southern Oregon areas.

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Ductless Mini Splits

Explore the varienty of ductless and ducted mini split options

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Powerful and Flexible

Compact, convenient and quiet, mini split heat pumps are ideal for every space in your home.  They can really be handy when you have a space where installing ductwork isn't practical.  A single outdoor unit can support up to five indoor units.  This provides customized comfort zones providing energy-efficient whole-home heating and air conditioning.  Whole-home solutions provide the ability to have all zones set to different temperatures.

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Mini Splits work great for:

  • Homes with no central air or ductwork
  • Bonus rooms, sunrooms, add-ons, and outbuilding as well as energy-efficient whole-home solutions
  • Home with costly electrical heating and cooling.
  • Home owners that desire custom heating and cooling zoning throughout the entire house

Mini Split Configurations

  • Single Zone Min Split - Meaning one indoor unit and one outdoor unit.
  • Multi Zone Mini Split - Meaning one outdoor unit with up to five different indoor units installed in different areas of the home
  • Multi System Mini Split - Meaning multiple indoor units using multiple outdoor units to achieve the goals of the home owners indoor climate control and installation needs


Energy Efficiency

Mini splits are extremely efficient.  With heating rating HSPF up to 11.50 and Cooling ratings SEER up 24.5 it's hard to beat a mini split power saving ability.  Select mini split work well in Extreme Weather offering outstanding cold-climate capabilities, operating in temperatures as low as -22° F.


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